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 Privacy Policy

SIA UDM has taken all the measures necessary to ensure personal data protection and prevent unwarranted disclosure to third parties.

  • SIA UDM processes personal data of its customers, following the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia that regulate personal data processing and protection. For processing and storing Customers’ personal data, SIA UDM uses organizational and technical solutions that ensure personal data protection from accidental or illegal disclosure, editing or any other illegal processing.
  • When purchasing goods offered in the Internet store, the Customer agrees and allows SIA UDM to register, enter, systematize, use and otherwise process the Customer’s personal data, as well as the data that the Customer will provide to the Seller in the future to the extent that is necessary for  achieving the following aims: to conclude a contract or deal; to identify the Customer; to fulfill other obligations related to Customer Service.
  • Buyers personal data is not stored.
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